A warm welcome to our newest Monarch wedding couple!

I wanted to send out warm holiday wishes to our newest wedding client couple!

Brittany and Dave will be celebrating their wedding day on Saturday, September 19, 2009!

We are well on our way to being completely booked for 2009, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible if you would like to commission us for your big day!

And congrats to Brittany and Dave–we are honored to be documenting your engagement and wedding!

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A Big Welcome to Jennifer and Casey!

I cannot believe how busy we have been for the past few weeks! 

I wanted to send out a warm Monarch welcome to Jennifer and Casey, who are tying the knot in Mexico next week!

When they return to Bowling Green, they are throwing a big reception for friends and family to celebrate their marriage!  And we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Congrats, Jen and Casey!  We’re sure that Mexico will be fabulous next week!

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Michelle’s Bridal Portraits

I have a really wonderful bridal session to share with you–and now that their wedding has passed, I can blog about Michelle’s bridal portraits!  Back in September, we met Michelle, her mom, and her step-dad at the ultra-gorgeous Bed and Breakfast–The Columbine!

We had made some arrangements with Rich, the innkeeper, to have Michelle’s session photographed at his B&B because it has gorgeous huge pillars, an incredible staircase with the most fabulous stained glass, and is just perfection!  Rich allowed us to shoot there for a small session fee and we had a blast!  We even got to head over to St. James Court for some other portraits just as that soft evening light was coming in on us…

Thanks again to Michelle and her family for driving here from Bowling Green and also to the wonderful hosts at The Columbine!  And if you are looking for a beautiful place to get away, The Columbine is perfect!

To view Michelle’s bridal portrait image video, click below–and check our previous blog posts for Michelle and Patrick’s wedding day images!

And here is just a handful of my favorites-Jon and I both shot this session, which made it even more special!  We were going for a touch of editorial style with a ton of classic portraiture–Michelle is a beautifully sophisticated bride and was a joy to photograph!

Hello, gorgeous!

Michelle has such a sense of style about her–it is very classic and feminine–so sweet!

The Columbine had a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror and we took advantage of it!

Beautiful silhouette…

And the pillars!

What a beautiful home!

The architecture just Michelle even more stunning…

I love the leading lines of the staircase in this one–and the amber light behind her is so lovely…

St. James Court–always perfect for bridal portraits…

Isn’t she lovely?

I did a  bit of a painterly effect on this one–Michelle’s skin is so flawless!

In the gardens of the B&B…

Probably my favorite of the session–I am so in love with the softness of this one…

And a quick family photo!

Thanks to Michelle and her family for such a great session–you all were wonderful!

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Andy and Lindsay’s Digital Designer Album!

So, this post officially catches me up on showing off the latest albums for our clients, but I still have so many more images!  I will get there, I promise!

I wanted to show a few images of the actual album that Lindsay and Andy had me design for them-they originally chose a collection without the 10×10 album, but then added it after the big day!

Lindsay and Andy went with a really clean, sophisticated style when it came to the design–I love it!

I used hints of their wedding colors–chocolate and pale blue–and I also incorporated some of the lyrics from their first dance song, which was George Straight’s “I Cross My Heart.”

Love this double-page spread!

And the final page…

Congrats to Lindsay and Andy–I loved designing your album!

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Holli and Jeremy’s Wedding Sneak Peek–And Guest Book!

We had our last wedding of the year on November 22–and it was awesome!  Of course, I will share more soon, but I wanted to give everyone a quick sneak-peek of just a few wedding images!

Congrats to Holli and Jeremy for a beautiful fall wedding day!

Holli and Jeremy are really special because they are best friends with several of our other wedding couples–Sarah and Adam (who just had another baby boy), Jamie and Jamie, Kelly and Chad, and Brooke and Nathan!

Lovely flowers…

And a classic portrait of our beautiful bride, Holli!

And our handsome groom, Jeremy!

Fun with the bridal party!

Outside their beautiful church!

On the party bus!  THAT’S RIGHT!  An awesomely fun party bus!

The first dance…

And I also wanted to share their AWESOME guest book that they had for their big day!  These books are a huge hit with our clients and their guests!  We take the images from our couple’s engagement session and make it into a one-of-a-kind design!

Holli chose the chocolate brown guest book to match their wedding colors–and I loved the little quotations about love that she sent me to use in the book!

So adorable!

And their last page…

Congrats to Jeremy and Holli!  We loved every moment of your big day!  See you soon!

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Megan’s AWESOME Senior Portraits!

Oh, what can I say?  Megan is just one of the coolest, most caring young women out there–and this girl is really going to make a difference in the world!  She is stylish, intelligent, talented, and really fun!

When Megan told me what she wanted for her senior portraits, I knew that we could do exactly what she needed: classic portraiture plus some edgy, editorial shots–with a little outside photograph thrown in for good measure!  Did you get all of that?

I could go on and on and on with posting Megan’s portraits, but here are a handful of my faves–

And to view her senior portrait image video, click below!

A little play on Andy Warhol…

Without a doubt–my absolute favorite from the day.  I am LOVIN’ the attitude in this one!

Classic portrait…isn’t she beautiful?

Megan brought a dress that she bought when she spent some time in Japan this past summer–I was so happy when I saw that it was royal blue–she looks gorgeous in this one!  And why was I glad it was royal blue?

Because you can change blue into any other clothing color–like magenta!  A whole new outfit!  She looks absolutely stunning in this one!

And now it’s green–note the matching clutch purse–so sassy!

Megan also has a super-casual side to her–she is in love with her pink fuzzy slippers, so we had to make them a focal point in one of the images!

A shot taken in Crestwood–it’s one of my favorite secret photography spots!  And um–hello to the cute shoes!

Nice strong profile…

How strong is this one?  She looks incredible!

We stopped off to hug her dog, Bear, on our way to our final stop.  He was SO not into having his photo taken…

And our final stop at the Creasy-Mahan Nature Preserve–such a pretty spot for portraits!

I have more senior sessions to share, so stay tuned!  And thanks again to Megan–you are fabulous!

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TWO Digital Album Designs from Jennifer and Andy’s Wedding!

First of all, here’s to a wonderful holiday season!  Jon and I had such a great time visiting with our families this weekend, but now it is back to work!

The next few blog posts are LONG overdue–I wanted to show off Jennifer and Andy’s awesome Digital Designer Album!  We delivered weeks ago, but I am just getting the chance to post about it.  As with all of our albums, we encourage our couples to pick out their own images-after all, they know what photos tell their story the best–and I then take their vision of their day and make it into their keepsake album!

Here are just a few pages of their actual album–it is in the gorgeous 10×10 black leather!

And I love the branding into the leather cover!

The first page…

These albums are so great for big spreads like this one!

And I used some text from what was said during the ceremony!

Then Jennifer’s mom, Kate, called me the other day to see if we had a similar-style album that she could have that was perhaps a little more scaled-down in size!  So, we took what we normally use as a Wedding Guest Keepsake Books and made that style into a very special parent album just for her!

She chose the images, I designed it, and bound it myself!  It looks like a deluxe album, but is a more economical option for parents who want the look, but maybe not the major investment (we aim to please!).

Here are a few pages from mom Kate’s album!  The front cover–

A touch of the cornflower blue Jennifer used–a nice pop of color!

And we put tons of images into that album, too!

So, whether it is our wonderful black matted parent albums, our hand-bound guest books or wedding albums, or especially our Digital Designer Albums, we have something to please everyone!  And keep checking back because we have some NEW styles and products coming soon!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Jonathan and I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Please take time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and reflect on the incredible gifts we have all been given in our lives.

The true meaning of this holiday is often overlooked by the media.  It is not about the food (although I do love that aspect of it), but is instead all about being thankful for the little blessings–family, friends, a roof over your head, and a country with so much goodness.  It is also about the human spirit.  How wonderful is it to live in this awesome nation?

Image credit to Mr. Norman Rockwell, creator of “The Saturday Evening Post” cover artwork.  This work was created in November of 1943.  A classic!

I know that Jonathan and I are thankful for each other–we have a wonderfully strong marriage full of love and laughter.  We are also thankful for our families and friends, and of course–our clients!  Without our photography family of wedding and portrait clients, we would not be able to have this business of making memories!

So, Happy Thanksgiving, all!  Enjoy this holiday!

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Kari and Cory’s 10.17.08 Wedding

Kari and Cory had an incredibly beautiful day for their wedding!  Wonderful people, great weather, and tons of love and laughter!  Kari and her family have become such special people to us over the past few years.  We photographed Danielle’s wedding a couple of years ago (she is Kari’s sister) and then we were thrilled when Kari chose us to document her big day as well!  It really is a great feeling to be so referral-based.  Jon and I work so hard to value every single moment of the process–from the consultation to the end of the event!

We absolutely love both Kari and Cory’s families–what a wonderful and fun-loving group of people!  And to see both sets of parents who have been married for so many years–those are incredible examples of loving marriages!  And I know that Danielle and Ethan are still perfect for one another and that Kari and Cory will be happy for the rest of their lives together!

To view their wedding image video, click on the arrow–

And here are just a few of my very favorites from their day!  I wish I could post more and more!

The wedding day flowers were just lovely!

And one of our favorite churches–St. Mary’s of the Knobs

And here are the Applegate girls!  Theresa (their mom), our bride, Kari, and our former bride, Danielle!  They are all gorgeous!

I am so loving the attitude in this one…

That natural light coming in through the stained glass window was perfect!

And a yummy sun flare!

The girls!

And the Applegate sisters looking oh-so-stunning!

Cory and his dad (along with the rest of the boys) had a little corn hole competition in the educational building.  It’s a bit of a tradition with weddings at St. Mary’s!  Cory’s dad has good form!

The adorable little ring bearer was so patient!

Our handsome groom, Cory–he has a twin brother (who was his Best Man) and evidently people got them mixed up all day!

The guys…

Pretty rings!

I love this shot of Cory as he is waiting for Kari to come down the aisle…


Cory is hugging Ethan, Danielle’s husband–they are too funny and I love the looks on everyone’s faces!


Kari and Cory are getting this image in one of our custom-made 16×24 gallery wrap canvases.  I’ll be sure to show it off once it arrives at the home studio!

It was so cold, but the golf course at the country club was a great place for some more shots!

And here are our viewing cards for the guests–they are really popular and an easy way to show your guests your wedding images–and, of course, it is a complimentary service!

Cory loves ice cream cake, so this was his groom’s cake!  And I personally enjoyed a piece of it!

See how much Cory’s brother looks like him? 

First dance…

And here are Kari’s mom and dad dancing–we love Theresa and Danny!


Cory has the greatest smile!  He is one of the funniest people I have ever met–and his family members are the same when it comes to their joking styles!

Be careful when you are writing on the car, people!  Your wedding photographers capture the evidence!  HA!

Congrats to Kari and Cory!  We loved every moment of your day!

Wedding Day Details

Colors:  Frosted blue and silver
Ceremony:  St. Mary’s of the Knobs
Reception and Caterer:  Jefferson Elks Lodge and Golf Course
Florist:  Buds in Bloom
DJ:  John Wall
Cake:  Janice Oberhausen
Videographer:  Manis Productions
Bridal Gown:  David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses:  Rebecca’s

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Natalie and Alan’s 10.11.08 Wedding Images!

We absolutely loved every moment of Natalie and Alan’s wedding day–and thanks to Kate–our third shooter–for her extra talent and help during their day!

Natalie and Alan were married at Southeast Christian Church in their lovely little chapel, with their reception at the University Club!  It was an awesome day!  They are so sweet to one another–and I know that they are going to be blessed for a lifetime!

To view their image video–click on the screen below-

And here are just a handful of my favorites from their special day!

Hello, pretty flowers from Country Squire!

And isn’t Natalie just gorgeous?  I think she favors Kirsten Dunst just a bit…

I love it when the girls are fellow fans of “America’s Next Top Model!”  We were being fierce!

Our handsome groom, Alan, is hugging his adorable little niece, Shay–she was the flower girl!

And I think that Alan looks a bit like Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos (boy, I have way too much Hollywood knowledge!)…

The boys were hanging out at the Southeast Coffee Shop!

And Natalie was doing her best to make Shay laugh!  We found her to be funny as well!

I LOVE the look that Alan had as he saw Natalie come down the aisle with her dad.  Look at the love in his eyes!

From the sound booth upstairs!

The big moment!

A little fun with floral…

The bridesmaids gave them a little box of candy that said “MINT to be together” on it–how cute!

They had an incredibly fun and modern cake!

Ah, first dance…

And her dad really took his dance seriously!

And then Nat danced with her brothers!

Apparently, at every major family function–there is a staged performance of music from the movie, “Grease!”  It was “Summer Nights,” if memory serves and everyone loved it!

How low can Dad go during “Shout?”

This lady was obviously having a really good time on the dance floor!


Alan is very protective of his Honda Element.  It’s a little obvious that the bridal party was torturing him by writing on the windows that he told them not to…oh, well!

Lovin’ the bluesy feel of this one…

Such a lovely couple!


Congrats, you two!  We absolutely loved documenting your day!

Wedding Day Details

Colors:  Chocolate and Blue Jay
Ceremony: Southeast Christian Church
Reception and Caterer: University Club
Florist: Country Squire
Cake: Kristy Brown
DJ: Larry Rice of DJN Company
Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bridal Warehouse

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